About Us

Michelle Hill “The Shadowy Mastermind”

Very little is known about the elusive entrepreneur behind the curtain here at Escape Games Live. There have been whispers that she descended from the great puzzle designer Lockingus Longtimus, the ancient Latin puzzle creator. Some say she traveled through the land for 75 years training under the most renowned designers of escape rooms and stays alive due to a small amount of dragon blood in her system. Alternitively, she could just be the woman in charge, but mysterious. Elusive and mysterious.


Steve “Tall Silent Type” Shellenberger

Steve, pictured here on a recent trip to Morocco, is descended from a long line of Steves dating all the way back to Steve. I sat down to speak with Steve to find out more about him for this biography of Steve but it appears Steve’s vow of silence, forced on him by Steve the 23rd Duke of the Earl of Steve, I was unable to ascertain any real facts about him save that he appears to be accompanied by Country music when he enters or leaves a room and he has a fondness for koalas.


Tom “The Chicken Whisperer” Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is our Minister of Miscellaneous White Collar Affairs: Lots of special events coordination, some marketing, pays those bills... oh, and eggs. He is also quite a Troubadour and has been known to mix Gershwin with Bruno Mars. Tom is also a game designer and host. And yes, it's true. He has been paid to wear a giant rabbit suit.



James “The Captain” Kirk

One look at Escape Games Live’s resident Captain and you will say the same thing everyone else does: “That dude just came from a Fuddruckers.” James came to Escape Games Live the same way most people find a job, he was rented at an auction. Having earned his freedom in the Gladiatorial arena by defeating the twin janitors, Spit and Shine, James has now found his home here at Escape Games Live. His duties include word sorcery, tenor 2 in the barbershop quartet releasing their first album later this year called “We Don’t Have a Barbershop and There’s Only Three of Us.” James enjoys long board games that make people submit before finishing, pistachio anything and videos of monkeys doing stupid things.


John “Almost the 80’s” Alfano

John was initially assigned to Escape Games Live through Community Service. After having plead guilty to Dispensing False Directions under Oath, he completed the hundred hours on consecutive Saturdays and Sundays. Staying on as a Weekend Warrior, his rehabilitation continues through the dedication to truth and honesty towards my customers. He sometimes lapses. Known for his colorful clothes and language, he chose to stay on rather than pursue the offer from Game of Thrones because Escape Games Live was able to promise no nudity. Finally, he feels he was destined to be at Escape Games Live because his High School Class voted him 'Most Likely to Get Locked in a Bathroom.'


Nikki "The Miracle Worker" Hawse:
(Nikki adamantly declined having her picture taken.)

Nicole, (Nikki, Nik, Nickaroni), appeared one day and began working with us and we all noticed that things just...got BETTER. People were happy and there was no wanting of anything like toilet paper or tissues. We would actually be lost without her. Aside from being an excellent game host Nikki has a secret super power called “Dramatis!” which is her ability to take mundane things and make them look friggin’ spectacular! A little known fact about Nikki is that Walt Disney was actually inspired to create the famous Fantasia cartoon “The Sorceror’s Apprentice” after meeting her. If you need to find Nik n a pinch, we suggest looking at every Sheetz in the area as she is more than likely waiting for a giant coffee drink at the counter.






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