OUR LATEST CREATION! Rock on! Like I am soo stoked to be able to do the 80s dude!  The 21st Century is bogus and cheezy, like totally! The 80s were radical!!! What a loaded decade:  Big hair, cool games, preppies and valley girls, surfer boys and metal heads. Awesome movies, crazy sports, toys and gadgets.    

So here’s what happened. You were hanging out in mom and dad's basement checking your Swatch on New Year's Eve 1989, thinking you might watch some Dick Clark, when poof! Your 21st Century self was transported back in time to that very moment.  Can you escape the 80s and return to your smart phone?  They appear to be useless in 1989 - time to use my brain and my imagination to get back to the future.

Come play Escape the Decade: The 80s.  Re-experience that awesome decade, or come find out why your parents are so cool!

Click the button if you want to have a radically good time in Escape the 80s.





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